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Публикации по геодезия - GNSS, 3D наземно лазерно сканиране, кадастър

от 2009 г. до 2020 г.

1. Applying of Fuzzy Logic for Study of GNSS Detrmination in Various Conditions. International Scientific Conference Stara Zagora 4-5-th of June 2009 entitled: “The Development of the Economy and Society, Based on the Knowledge”. ISBN 978-954-9329-45-2. Свали документа.

2. Using of Fuzzy Logic for Some Studies over GNSS Determination in fast Static mode. University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. International Scientific-Applied Conference. UACEG 2009 29-31-st of October 2009. ISSN 1310-814X. Свали документа.

3. Assessing of the Overall Quality of GNSS Determinations, Using Specific Values of Parameters. Third International Conference on Cartography and GIS. June, 15-20, 2010. Nessebar, Bulgaria. ISSN:1314-0604. Свали документа.

4. Applications of Online Satellite Imagery in Surveying and Assessing its Reliability Using GNSS Technology. T22 - Open Source Technology and Web Services. 25-th International Cartographic Conference, 3-8 July 2011 – Palais des Congres-Paris. ISBN: 978-1-907075-05-6. Свали документа.

5. Study of the Behaviour of the Rover and Assessment of the Overall Quality of the Results from RTK Measurements, Conducted in open-Field - Influenced by Active Disturber. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN GEODESY AND RELATED FIELDS. Sofia, 08 - 09 November 2012. ISBN 978-80-87159-29-3. Свали документа.

6. Study of the Performance of a GNSS Equipment and Assessment of the Quality of the Results from the Geodetic Measurements in an open Field Environment with Active Disturber. International Jubilee Conference UACEG2012: Science & Practice, UNIVERSITY OF ARCHITECTURE, CIVIL ENGINEERING AND GEODESY, 15-17 NOVEMBER 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria. ISBN 978-954-724-049-0. Свали документа.

7. Some Solutions in the Creation, Measurements and Analysis (Using Classical and GNSS IT) for a Geodetic Network in Industrial Urban Environment. International Symposium on Modern Technologies, Education and Professional Practice in Geodesy and Related Fields. Sofia, 07 - 08 November 2013. ISBN 978-80-87159-33-0. Свали документа.

8. "Изследване качеството на GNSS измерванията в RTK режим, проведени при трудни теренни условия, под влиянието на пасивни смутители, чрез прилагане на Fuzzy logic". сп."Геодезия, Картография, Земеустройство" бр. 5-6'2013 год. LII, ISSN 0324-1610. Свали документа.

9. "Application of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Creation of Project Documentation for Cadastral Objects". XXV INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON “MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN GEODESY AND RELATED FIELDS”, Sofia, 05 - 06 November 2015. ISSN 2367-6051. Свали материалите.

10. Vertical Planning Based on 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and GNSS Technologies. XXV INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN GEODESY AND RELATED FIELDS. Sofia, November 3 - 4, 2016. ISSN 2367-6051. Свали материалите.

11. Some Studies and Solutions Based on Performed Geodetic Measurements (Using GNSS Technology and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning) for Power-Supply Objects. XXX INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN GEODESY AND RELATED FIELDS. Sofia, 04 – 06 November 2020. Свали материалите.

На събития на FIG:

от 2010 г. до 2022 г.

1. Some Studies on the Quality of GNSS Determinations Under Specific Conditions. FS 1H - GNSS CORS Networks - Positioning Infrastructure, Analysis and Applications I. FIG Congress 2010 Facing the Challenges – Building the Capacity Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010. ISBN 978-87-90907-87-7. Свали материалите.

2. Using of both fast Static and RTK Modes for GNSS Determinations to Obtain Required high Accuracy and Productivity, According to the Current Possibilities of the IT. FIG Working Week - Bridging the Gap Between Cultures, Marrakech, Morocco. May 18-22 2011. ISBN 978-87-90907-92-1. Свали материалите.

3. Study on the Overall Quality of the Planned fast Static GNSS Measurements, if Certain Values of the Parameters are Applied in the System, Using Fuzzy Logic, 6-10 May 2012 - FIG Working Week 2012 - Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage, Rome, Italy. ISBN 97887-90907-98-3. Свали материалите.

4. Applying of the Mobile Versions of Google Earth and AutoCAD for Field Control of a Specialized map of a Large Urban Garden. Technical Session - TS03C - Positioning and Navigation - Today and Tomorrow, paper no 6660. FIG Working Week 2013, Environment for Sustainability. Abuja, Nigeria, 6 – 10 May 2013. ISBN 978-87-92853-05-9. ISSN 2307-4086. Свали материалите.

5. "Study on the Quality of the GNSS Measurements in Static mode if Applying Certain Values of the Parameters, Following the Current Regulatory Requirements". XXV FIG International Congress 2014"Engaging the Challenges, Enhancing the Relevance", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 16-21 June 2014. ISBN 978-87-92853-21-9. ISSN 2308-3441. Свали материалите.

6. Application, specifics and technical implementation of the 3D terrestrial laser scanning for measurement and analysis of the spatial geometry of a steel construction. FIG Working week 2015. From the Wisdom of the Ages to the Challenges of the Modern World. Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-21 May 2015. ISBN 978-87-92853-35-6. ISSN 2307-4086. Свали материалите.

7. APPLICATION OF 3D TERRESTRIAL LASER SCANNING IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATE OR CORRECTION OF ERRORS IN THE CADASTRAL MAP. FIG Working Week 2017. Surveying the world of tomorrow - From digitalisation to augmented reality. Helsinki, Finland, May 29–June 2, 2017. ISBN 978-87-92853-61-5. ISSN 2307-4086. Свали материалите.

8. Combination of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and GNSS Technologies for Measurement of hard /Impossible/ to Access Objects of Cadastre in the Process of data Acquisition for the Required Update of the Cadastral plan. FIG Congress 2018. Embracing our smart world where the continents connect: enhancing the geospatial maturity of societies. Istanbul, Turkey, May 6–11, 2018. ISBN 978-87-92853-78-3. ISSN 2308-3441. Свали материалите.

9. 3D terrestrial laser scanning for cadastral and design activities - performing, data processing and analysis. Storage and backup in the light of the nowadays cloud possibilities. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISBN 978-87-92853-93-6. ISSN 2307-4086. Свали материалите.

10. Assessment of the Accuracy and Reliability of GNSS Measurements in RTK mode, Performed with Inclined pole, Applying Fuzzy Logic. XXVII FIG CONGRESS. 11-15 September 2022, Warsaw, Poland. ISBN 978-87-93914-02-5. ISSN 2308-3441. Свали материалите.

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